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Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf 1
My sister-in-law asked for a grey circle scarf for Christmas. I had seen some lovely yarn at Zellers and when she asked for the scarf, I knew that was the yarn needed. It had sequins in it and was very her. I spent some time googling patterns for circle scarfs and came across this beautiful infinity scarf at A Crafty House’s blog. Find the original pattern here.

I wanted to be able to customize the length of the scarf, so instead of knitting in a circle, I knit the short rows.

Infinity Scarf Folded

My Pattern:
With 10mm needles, CO 25 stitches.
Row 1: knit
Row 2: P1{K1P1 repeat until end of row}
Repeat these rows until the scarf is the appropriate length – in my case, until it was my height.
Sew ends together and enjoy!


This is super easy and not very time consuming. I think it took me 6 hours to get one 5’7″ long. Also, the pattern is neat.

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Hi Everyone!
I hope you find this blog useful for craft ideas and patterns. Whenever I start to brainstorm a project, I google for similar projects that I can base mine off of and then I modify. Very few patterns do I follow to their entirety. And that is if I follow one at all. I hope this site gives inspiration to the many other crafty people out there, and I will try to update it weekly or every two weeks.
I am open for suggestions on projects, so please leave me a comment if you need help coming up with a pattern or something. I am NO expert, but do enjoy working with yarn.
Occasionally, I may post a yummy recipe that I feel everyone needs to know about. I will always try to give credit to my sources, as I hope people will do the same for me. Feel free to use the patterns for personal use, gifts or fundraisers.

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Tutu Bedskirt

My sister found directions for a Tutu Bedskirt a couple months ago and sent it to me. I fell in love immediately and HAD to make one for my niece for Christmas. You can find the original here. I am not one for sewing, but am determined to learn, so since it was a “no sew” project, it seemed in my skill level.
Close up
The original was made for a single bed, and my niece has a queen – we’re all jealous, so I went to the fabric store and picked up tulle. Because I like to be different, I purchased 3 colours – purple, green and pink. The project only ended up needing about 21 yards of tulle.
Once I started the project, it took about 4 hours to complete, and since I was on the rec room floor hunched over for most of that 4 hours, I was a little stiff the next day.
I started by pinning the sides of the fitted sheet together – that way there were the same number of slits on each side. I then cut slits two finger widths apart down the sides, and on one end.
Next, I cut the tulle into 4-5″ lengths. To make the tutu fuller, I combined a strip of each colour into each set of slits. To secure in the slits, fold the tulle in half and thread through the top slit then the bottom, so the loop is in front of the tulle hanging down. From experience, it looks better and hangs a little better then having the loop behind.