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Crochet Bracelet

I was googling some options a couple weeks ago and found this. I knew it was something that would look great with my sequined yarn. It was super easy. Simply chaining a couple lengths in different colours. Create a button hole – which next time, I think I would connect on both ends of the hole instead of creating a loop. Then attach a button. It takes no time at all and I definitely rocked it when I went out a couple weeks ago.
String Bracelet

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Pearls and Crochet

I love Imagethe look of the folded pearl necklaces with ribbon ends (see an example here. However, I have no idea how to work with ribbon. Making yarn ends is definitely a possibility though. And, when I was looking up ideas, I found great bracelet ideas (see here).

I went to Walmart to find pearls and came out with a strand of small pearls, a kit of coloured pearls, and clasps.Image

When I got home, I came up with an idea on how to string the beads and connect the chain. For the bracelet, I wanted a thick single chain to wrap around the wrist a few times. The coloured pearls had a grey blue option that I think worked great with the teal and grey sequined yarn I have. 




For the necklace, I wanted thinner, multiple chains for the yarn and a longer section of two pearl strands.Image The off-white colouring is something I love.

The simple easy to use clasp is a great option for both pieces. On the necklace, it makes it heavier, so it doesn’t rest easily at the back. Instead it rests nicely at the side.

Let me know what you think.

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Cell Phone Wallets

I got a new phone this week – the new Blackberry Z10. It is twice the size of my last tiny Blackberry Curve. I desperately needed a case for it, especially since I hate carrying a purse and usually keep my phone in my pocket or bra – yup, I’m that girl.  Since I had plans for the day after I got my phone, I needed a quick and easy case that could be done in a couple hours.Image

I found a style that I liked – I can’t find the picture though. *Sad Face*. It was a purled body with crochet accents. Unfortunately, that would take longer. I decided to make a crochet body with a knit pocket and it had a button to keep everything inside.

This case worked great for the need, but I am slightly OCD when it comes to it and the button was off centre, so as much as I liked it, it wasn’t going to last too long.Image

So I sat down and figured out how I wanted it to look. Like I said earlier, I liked the purled case look with crochet accents.  I decided to keep the pocket and instead of a chain for the button, secure it with a button hole. I also wanted to to add a wrist strap – making it much easier to hold onto.


ImageI liked the idea of my phone and necessary cards being able to fit in my hand. Plus it is a bit of protection then my phone on its own. And I think it is cute.

I also made one for a friend. It has a side pocket instead of top. It looks pretty awesome too. *Happy face* Her phone is a bold 9900, so I had to do some size modifications, but it was easy enough.

ImageTo make one is super ease, simply pick a couple colours. This is a great way to use up extra yarn, as it doesn’t take a lot to make. Pick out needle and hook sizes – depends on what your looking for. Decide if you want a top or side pocket. Cast on enough stitches to cover the side of the phone you want to be the bottom. Knit the body of the case so that it will wrap around your phone, then start to decrease 1 st on each end. When the flap reaches where you want the button hole, cast off the middle stitches and then cast them on in the next row. For the pocket, chain until it is wide enough to cover your cards – mine was 13 for the top pocket and 19 for the side pocket. I then single stitched until it covered the cards.

The edges were sewed up, and the pocket and button attached. I then chained the strap so it was long enough to fit over my hand but not be loose. I then Single stitched around the entire chain – both sides, and secured to the case. Let me know what you think.

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Tea Cup Jewellery Holders

ImageThis project came from a mistake. I was intending to make the toe of a stocking, because my sister requested I make stockings for her family for next Christmas. I was hoping it would be an easy project and I am envisioning ivory stockings with Bernat Sequin pink/teal toes, heels and cuffs. I digress though from the actual topic. The poorly formed toe, reminded me of this pin, which I have wanted to recreate since I found it around Christmas time. Also, after reading a Lauren Conrad blog post, and not having a spot to keep my jewellery in plain view for me to store and see.Image

I found this project so easy and not very time consuming. A complete project takes less then an hour and can be adjusted for the desired size. The simple circles that are required was based on Lucy’s pattern at Attic24.

Once the desired base size was created, the cup is made by keeping the same amount of stitches around and repeat the rows until the desired size has been achieved.

For the saucer, make sure the rim goes out past the base of the cup, and be creative with Imagestitches and make it unique. Attach the cup and saucer. Fill with jewellery, trinkets, or clips.

The most important thing is to be creative. You can decrease the size of the top of the tea cup, alternate stitch types, change colours, or whatever you can come up with. This is a really open pattern that can be made to match your style and decorating style.

Plus, aren’t they cute and a great spot for your jewellery to find a safe spot? And I promise, my jewellery does come in a colour other then teal.


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Crochet Belt

ImageI love waist belts and could wear them everyday. Last week, one of mine broke and it was a sad day, however, I was able to recycle the buckle and make one that actually fit my waist.

So I made 5 crochet chains, that were 12.5″ larger thenImage the perimeter of my waist. I then braided the 5 chains, as demonstrated here. After securing both ends of the braid, I used one of the colours to Wrap around the buckle.  I then crocheted a two row band two secure the band.

ImageAfter securing all the ends, the belt turned out pretty cute. I think it may be an accessory for my friend’s wedding this weekend.

Let me know what you think!

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