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Card Wallet

imageWhen I made my cell phone wallet, I had room for a few cards and bills. But because I’m a girl, and I love discount and points cards, I have a LOT of cards and needed a card wallet.
So I Googled some inspiration and found a couple options I liked. See here.
I used a H/5.00mm hook and chained 19 stitches. SC into second chain from hook, I SC across. After 6 rows of sc, I did a row of 1hdc 1ch across. imageThis pattern repeated 4 times and finished with 6 rows of sc.
I lined the interior and attached clips. Then I chained 14 and did 5 rows of hdc.
Let me know what you think.



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Colourful Pillow

PillowI have been on a serious mission to use up ends of old balls of yarn, mainly because I have a ridiculous amount of yarn (what yarn crafter doesn’t?). So, using the flat circle pattern from Attic24, I made 2 giant circles out of three yarn circles. I wasn’t sure what they were going to be come, I had originally thought of an owl pillow, but I’m not really an owl person. I lost interest in finishing it for a while, so when I forced myself to complete a bunch of projects before starting something new.

When I finished the circles, I was concerned about the stuffing coming out the middle or large holes, so I sewed together a liner and stuffed it full of fluff. I then secured that between the two circles and sewed them together.

I think it adds a little bit of colour to a dreary or boring room. I am tempted to make a second, but that would take time and commitment that I’m not ready to give to this project again… maybe one day when I’m out of ideas and people stop pinning cool ideas to try.

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Little Stuffed Penguins

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I had a few of unfinished projects and really wanted to start a couple new ones. Since I finished all but 4 projects – 3 of which I’m not 100% sure how they are going to end, I decided to reward myself. I made crochet penguins!SAM_3089

These were inspired by a post on The Green Dragonfly (love this blog) and she was inspired by a post on the Bunny Mummy blog on crochet owls. Now I’m not huge on owls, but absolutely LOVE penguins, I’ve loved them forever!! I even have a penguin tattoo. They are adorable little animals and are already in tuxedos – totally pimping.

So, I started by following Bunny Mummy’s pattern for the owl, except I kept to two colours for the main part and had solid blue eyes. On the black ones there are tiny wings, and as you can tell from the purple one, the wings kind of make the bird a penguin (or it could be that they are in the right colours).

SAM_3091When I made the first guy, I KNEW I had to make one for one of my good friends. She shares my love for penguins, and has a penguin beer cozy that sits in her liquor cabinet. (Yes, Natasha, this one is actually for you.)

Then I thought they were SO cute, I HAD to make one for a friend’s little girl to be. In fact I love the purple one so much, that I may have to make one for a few of the baby girls and maybe a couple of the baby boys that are expected this year. The baby friendly ones are made out of the Bernat Baby Cakes yarn. The beak is the handicrafter (because I had the correct colour). The eyes are stitched in, instead of sewn on – I’m petrified of choking hazards.

Let me know what you think of them.



Knitting Needle Case

It always surprises me what posts are popular. One of my most popular posts was the Crochet Hook Case, not expected, but awesome. So, I thought I would share my knitting needle case too. After some time with my friend Google Images, I found a couple options I liked (see one and two). I also saw this case that had a cabled bands to hold the long hooks. LOVED it.
After seeing all of these options, I knew what I wanted:
SAM_30741. All in one case
2. Cabled band at top for long straight needles
3. Lots of pockets
4. Ability to roll caseSAM_3075
5. Edging like Crochet Case
6. Fabrics to match Crochet Case

I measured and cut the pieces to the sizes needed. Then I secured the middle pocket to the big pocket. Next securing the top part of the middle pocket. The front pocket was added. The front and middle pocket had dividers, with half of the middle pocket lining up with the front pocket. That made the sewing a little easier, as I sewed those pockets at the same time. I then attached all three pockets to the interior fabric. Next, I attached the outer fabric to the already assembled project.
SAM_3076Once that was assembled, I once again followed weeks 3 & 4 (without the chocolate) of the You Go Girl instructions to do the crochet edging. Because I planned to secure it with a button, I needed to make a button hole. By Slip Stitching into each stitch of the edging. when I was on the side edge, and at the middle shell, I chained four instead of slip stitching into this shell. I then slip stitched into the sc stitch and continued SlSt around the case. I also wanted a button at the top, hoping it would prevent the needles from falling out.
And again I forgot to attach the buttons to the case before assembling it all.

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Cell Phone Wallet Holder 2

SAM_3068 SAM_3069I love my cell phone case, but I didn’t expect my amazing awesome friends to like them as much. So, I was a busy bee making 3 more. I used different yarns – chunky, sequined, baby yarn, and handicrafters and they worked well, but the supersaver was probably the best for this project. And I DO NOT recommend using the sequined on the phone section, just for the card pocket. Here are pics of the other ones I have made.

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Granny Square Baby Blanket

I have been on a mission to finish some projects this week before I allow myself to start anything new. This is tough because I have a severe case of ADCD (Attention Deficit Craft Disorder) and can be working on 17 projects at once. Not good. Plus, I really want to make a couple items, like I’m planning the patterns in my head with colours and everything while I’m writing this.SAM_3077
Sunday, I sat down and realized that I have a redic amount of unfinished projects in front of me, and I knew it wasn’t realistic that I finish them all. However, I had a dog sweater, two blankets, 2 cell phone wallets, a couple bags, a pair of mitts – didn’t like those and stopped that project, 2 recycled t-shirt projects, 2 giant rainbow circles (to be a pillow?) and that was the stuff I hadn’t hidden away. At the time of writing, I have finished the cell phone wallets, the dog sweater, gotten rid of the mitts, have a plan to finish one of the bags tomorrow, and finished the yarn part of one of the blankets. Yay! That is pretty good progress. I’m scared to open the container I have of started projects though, because I feel like there are quite a few hidden in there yet.SAM_3078
Anyways, the point of this post is to share my Granny Square Baby Blanket – the blanket I have finished the yarn part for.
The granny square is how I learned to crochet. Unfortunately, I started this project forever ago and can’t remember where I had found the original pattern for a granny square, but the Purl Bee blog has a great eay to follow pattern.
SAM_3080I started by picking 3 blues and a contrasting colour (orange). I then created 2-tone granny squares in every combination of the colours and in reverse with 5 rows. Next I created 4 larger squares in solid colours. The centre square contains each colour. When I connected all of the squares, I had some space at the sides. I simply used the same technique of three double chains in each space and did lines across.
The plan is to back it with a felted fabric in the orange colour to keep it bright. I will post an updated picture once that is complete.

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Hooded Dog Sweater

At Christmas, my sister-in-law asked me to make a dog sweater for her puppy, while ordinarily I am totally against putting clothes on dogs – they have built in coats!, she made a good argument.  Her main point was that the puppy wouldn’t be wearing it all the time, ONLY when it was really cold out, and since January was pretty brutal for weather and snow in Port Elgin, I relented. Also, I had found this really awesome yarn, which i may have to get more of.

After googling for dog sweater patterns, and not finding any I really liked. I decided to combine a couple. I wanted to crochet it, so this Bernat pattern was a great starting point for the body, I then used this Knitted Bernat Pattern for sizing of the hood.

Leg trimFor the most part, I did stick with the pattern, except around the legs – instead of doing the sections separately, I sl st the opening during the first row and chained across for the second row. I also changed the colour of the leg ribbing and hood. I was hoping it would make the purple pop in the sweater, but it is too faint. I think it turned out really well, and I am sure my furneice will look adorable in it.


(I just hope she doesn’t have to wear it too much this season, lets save the snow for next year)

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