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Baby Booties 2

HDC bootiesIn the Baby Booties post, I showed 1 option of the baby booties I made. Here is another option, very similar, but with different stitching. Again, I started with the pattern from Repeat Crafter (see here). This time, I followed the pattern until Row 3.

At end of row 3, join and chain 2.

Row 4: In back loops only, HDC in each stitch. Join and chain 2.
Row 5: HDC in 12 Stitches, (HDC dec, HDC)x4, HDC in 12 stitches. Join CH2
Row 6: HDC in 10 stitches, HDC dec x2, DC dec x4,  HDC dec x2, HDC in remaining stitches. join and CH 2
Row 7: HDC in 9 st, HDC dec x2, HDC in 2 St, HDC dec x2, HDC in remaining stitches. Join. Cut yarn and wrap in.

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Baby Booties

BootiesI don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone I know is having babies. Off the top of my head, I can name 24 people who are having babies or had babies since December. It is absolutely insane the amount of babies being born.

I decided to make a couple things for a few of the babies close to me – family, coworkers, close friends. I will try and post the different inspirations and patterns used for the items.

IMG_00000329The baby booties I made for one little guy, the pattern came from Repeat Crafter’s Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties Pattern. I followed the pattern until row 10, but didn’t want boot booties, but more slippers.

Row 11: SC 8 (HDC dec) x 4 sc to the end

Cut and tie off.

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