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WIP… Blanket?

WIP 1I started this project yesterday while my sister, niece and I were watching Sound of Music and Oklahoma!. I wasWIP 2 thinking of making a throw blanket, but I’m not 100% sure that is what it is going to be just yet. I know eventually it will contain panels of different colours, maybe 2 or three more. It will probably take me a while to complete, but that is OK. I’m sure it will eventually turn out awesome.

I’ll post updates as progress is made.

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Summertime Necessity

ImageSummer has arrived in Southwestern Ontario! School is out, the weather is perfect for pools, lakes or beaches, and the nights are staying warm. That means it is time for bon fires and S’mores.

If you’re like me, being outside at night during the summer also means bug bites and lots of them. So, instead of sitting by a fire to roast marshmallows, I enlisted the help of my trusty assistant/co-conspirator (A.K.A. my cousin Midge) in making S’more bars. It was an interesting experiment that turned out AHMAHZING! We tried it with marshmallow fluff, but that didn’t work out the best, so I would use minimarshmallows (saves prep time too!).

S’more Bars:

Graham crumbs
2.5 bags of chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and milk chocolate/white chocolate decadent swirl)
Mini marshmallows
Graham Crackers broken into pieces

Pre-heat oven to 350F
Melt butter and combine with graham crumbs. Make sure there is a decent covering on the bottom of the pan.
Bake crust for 10 minutes
Top with 1.5 packages of chocolate chips
Bake until melted
Top with Marshmallows and remaining bag of chocolate chips
Bake until golden brown
Smoosh and swirl marshmallow and chocolate chip layer together
Top with graham cracker pieces
Let cool slightly and ENJOY!

These are delicious warm and cold, and are perfect for events with lots of kids.

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