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Puff Stitch Cowl & Headband

In my post on the crochet turband, I mentioned that I LOVE the patterns from the site All About Ami, and this is another pattern I’ve based off of her work. Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out, you NEED to go to her site.

IMG_00000953This is my Puff Stitched Cowl and headband. The Puff stitch is from the Puff stitch Scarf pattern on All About Ami, and is created by YO, inserting into indicated stitch, YO, pull through stitch, Repeat process in same stitch until you


have 7 or 9 stitches (9 for scarf, 7 for headband), YO, pull through all but last loop,

YO, pull through remaining loops on hook.

The pattern is super simple, and I think is a great learning step for beginners. Here is what I did.

Using a 6.5mm hook, I chained 30 stitches. In third stitch from hook, puff stitch, Ch1, repeat to end. CH2. Repeat the Puff St CH1 row 16 times, the 4 rows of SC. The pattern is repeated 2 more times, then the ends are sewn together. It is a super thick

cowl and a little loose, so I would consider decreasing the puff rows to 13 or 14 and the initial chain to 24 or 26.

I LOVE the cowl and wear it frequently. It has gotten a lot of attention from friends. It is warm, but the holes stop it from getting too hot.

IMG_00000951For the Puff stitch headband, it is a little more complicated. Using the same sized hook, Chain 125 stitches. SC around the entire chain with 3 in each end. CH2, Puff Stitch CH1 down both sides, and HDC on ends, with 2 HDC in corner stitches. Ch1, SC around with 2 SC in corner pieces. Cut a long tail.
To get the head band to loop like the picture, fold in half so ends are together, wrap ends so they cross and meet back at the folded part,ensure that there is no twisting and it lays flat. Sew ends together and sew up slits between the two sections of the headband.

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Dabbling in arm knitting

arm knit blanketOn pinterest, I saw a few pins showing arm knitting. This intrigued me, so I thought I would give it a try.

I made a nice throw blanket. It is a little holey, but cute. Plus it only took 3balls of yarn and less then an hour to make.

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