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Superwide Headband

on February 8, 2014

I think I’m like most girls who somedays feel the need to have the hair on the top of my head and not deal with it. Unfortunately, since I cut my hair, it doesn’t like to be pulled up on the top of my head as much. I decided to utilize my knitting skills and create a mix between a head band and head sleeve. Using a larger needle – I think an 8.0mm, I cast on 30 stitches. Row 1, I purled 2 and then did a herringbone stitch (see here). I had to adapt the instructions, as I wasn’t working in a circle. I did the herringbone stitch to the last two and purled to end. Row 2 was knit 2, herringbone across, knit last 2. I repeated these two rows 6 times, then did 12 rows of knitting. I repeated this 2x and finished with a couple rows of the herringbone stitch. I stitched the ends together and am good to go..

I would make a couple changes to it, including making it more narrow near the end, but it does its job and i can hide my mess of hair when I’m too lazy to style it or haven’t washed it in a few days. 🙂


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