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Fall 2014 Projects

So it feels like it has been forever since I’ve blogged. Life has been super hectic this fall, but I’ve been able to get a bit of work done.

I saw a decorated canvas necklace holder on pinterest (see link here), and thought it would be pretty cool to paint one. It was super easy and didn’t take a whole lot of time to do. Then I screwed in hooks from Walmart. I found larger ones for the second one so I could use it for head bands.

.canvasnecklace hangerheadband holder

My sister-in-law had asked me to make the crocodile booties (found here) for my future nephew. The second set of booties were my first attempt, but I couldn’t figure out the stitch, so they became folded booties. A good crocodile stitch pattern is available here.

crocodile booties folded booties

My sister-in-law also requested some boot cuffs, so I got to be creative. The crocodile ones were made to totally match baby’s booties. The second pair were a v-stitch top, and ended up not being very stretchy. Here is the pattern I used to do the bottom, I then changed up the top part.

crocodile cuffsboot cuffs

I cleaned up my pinterest not too long ago, and seems like I got rid of the pin with the pattern for this hat. Isn’t it adorable? It is a pretty easy newsboy hat. The band on the front could be longer, but it is still adorable.

Newsboy cap

The volleyball snuggly is for nephew to be. His parents play beach volleyball all summer and he will likely be spending a lot of time at their games. I thought he needed a volleyball of his own. The pattern for the ball is here. The blanket is just a granny square, with a sc,hdc, dc, dc, hdc, sc edging. Super easy and fun.

volleyball snuggly

This is another one I’ve lost the pattern for. It is also for nephew to be. My mom used to make us ninja turtle pizza when we were little. (It is a pb and jam pizza on a homemade crust, and I’m so glad my niece and nephew like it because it gives mom and excuse to make it and us an excuse to eat it). So I figured her grandson needed a ninja turtle diaper cover and hat. For the hat, this is the pattern I used for the ties, but the hat pattern looks pretty great too – I think I might try it next time.

ninja turtle diaper cover Ninja turtle hat

This is another diaper cover. I decided to make after going to a craft sale and seeing all the tutus. I made a simple crochet diaper cover then tied in sections of tulle to it.

tutu diaper cover

This buttoned hat started as a headband (pattern here), then I decided it wasn’t complete and continued the pattern all the way into a hat.

sparkly button hat

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Puff Stitch Cowl & Headband

In my post on the crochet turband, I mentioned that I LOVE the patterns from the site All About Ami, and this is another pattern I’ve based off of her work. Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out, you NEED to go to her site.

IMG_00000953This is my Puff Stitched Cowl and headband. The Puff stitch is from the Puff stitch Scarf pattern on All About Ami, and is created by YO, inserting into indicated stitch, YO, pull through stitch, Repeat process in same stitch until you


have 7 or 9 stitches (9 for scarf, 7 for headband), YO, pull through all but last loop,

YO, pull through remaining loops on hook.

The pattern is super simple, and I think is a great learning step for beginners. Here is what I did.

Using a 6.5mm hook, I chained 30 stitches. In third stitch from hook, puff stitch, Ch1, repeat to end. CH2. Repeat the Puff St CH1 row 16 times, the 4 rows of SC. The pattern is repeated 2 more times, then the ends are sewn together. It is a super thick

cowl and a little loose, so I would consider decreasing the puff rows to 13 or 14 and the initial chain to 24 or 26.

I LOVE the cowl and wear it frequently. It has gotten a lot of attention from friends. It is warm, but the holes stop it from getting too hot.

IMG_00000951For the Puff stitch headband, it is a little more complicated. Using the same sized hook, Chain 125 stitches. SC around the entire chain with 3 in each end. CH2, Puff Stitch CH1 down both sides, and HDC on ends, with 2 HDC in corner stitches. Ch1, SC around with 2 SC in corner pieces. Cut a long tail.
To get the head band to loop like the picture, fold in half so ends are together, wrap ends so they cross and meet back at the folded part,ensure that there is no twisting and it lays flat. Sew ends together and sew up slits between the two sections of the headband.

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Baby Girl Booties w/ Strap

IMG_00000849  Stitches used:
HDC – Half Double Chain
HDCdec – Half Double Chain decrease (Yo, through st, yo, pull through, Yo, through next st, yo, pull through, yo, pull through 5 loops)
DCdec – Double Chain decrease (Yo, through st, yo, pull through, yo, pull through first 2 loops, yo, through next st, yo, pull through, yo, pull through first 2 loops, yo, pull through remaining loops)
SC – Single Chain
SLST – Slip stitch into next stitch

Using a G crochet, chain 10.
Row 1: HDC into second chain from hook. HDC in next 7 ch. 3 HDC in last ch. HDC in next 8 ch. 2 HDC in last ch. SLST into first HDC.
Row 2: Ch2. HDC in same stitch. 2 HDC in next st. HDC in next 8 HDC. 2 HDC in next 3 st. HDC in next 8 st. 2HDC inn last two st. SLST together.
IMG_00000851Row 3: Ch2. HDC in same st. 2HDC in next st. 1 HDC in next 9 st. 2 HDC in next 6 st. 1 HDC in next 9 st.  2 HDC in last 2 st. Change second colour, SLST to first st
Row 4: Ch2. HDC in same st. 2HDC in next st. 1 HDC in 11 st. Alternate 2HDC 1HDC in next 10 st, 2 HDC in last two st. SL ST Tog
Row 5: Ch2. HDC in back of each st
Row 6: Ch2. HDC in 11 st. Alternate HDCdec HDC for 18 st. HDC in next remaining 9 st. SLST
Row 7: Ch2. HDC in 11 st. HDCdec. 7 DCdec. HDCdec. HDC in 10 st. SLST
Row 8: Ch2. HDC in 12 st. 4 DCdec. HDC in 10 st. SLST
Row 9a: Ch2. HDC in 9 st.
Row 10a: Ch2. HDC back to first st. Cut yarn, but don’t pull loop to finish.

Fold bootie flat, slip hook through the matching spot on the other side of the bootie where row 9 ends.
Row 9b: Ch2. HDC towards back of bootie and SLST into ch2 from 9a.IMG_00000850
Row 10b: Ch2. Slip remaining loop from 10a onto hook. HDC into all st to end.
Row 11: Ch2. HDC into all st from row 10b and 10a. Cut yarn

In original colour, slip stitch and chain one at some location on Row 11. SC to the end of the back Chain 20.
SC all the way back to the slip stitch.
Repeat going in the opposite direction.

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Crochet Turband

turbandSo I have a crochet crush on Stephanie fromChain All About Ami. Her patterns are great and easy to follow. She gives great ideas on how to adjust patterns and make them your own.



Her pattern the knotted headband, is my inspiration for this. She did hers in back and forth rows, I wanted to do mine in a round.

Chain into back of chain row to create the same edging as the top

Here is my version of the pattern.

Using a size H/5.00mm hook, chain 75 stitches.

Row 1: Complete a DC into the back of the 4th stitch from the hook. DC into each stitch until the end. At the end, slst into first stitch. Careful not to twist the work.IMG_00000768

Row 2 – 8: Chain 3. DC around. SLST into first chain. (You can make the head band as thick as you would like. The original blog only had 6 rows.


The first and last stitch of the first row need to be joined together.


I then created a ruching by stitching through every other row from top to bottom, and went over five stitches. I then created the band.

IMG_00000770Band: Chain 7

Row 1: SC into back of 2nd stitch from hook. SC across.

Row 2-16: Ch1 SC into each stitch.

I then wrapped the band around the ruched area and secured it at the back so that it wouldn’t slide.


It was a super quick, easy, cute, warm pattern. I’m stoked to wear mine this winter.




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Cabbage Patch Kids Hat

Cabbage Patch Hat 1A coworker heard about the cabbage patch hat from a family member and wanted one for her nieces first birthday. Well, I thought the hat was absolutely adorable, so of course I obliged. For those that are crochet challenged, you can find them for sale at various sites online, but for those who want to give this a try, it is a pretty easy pattern. Plus you can customize the colours more to your own taste. There are some patterns for sale, but I have found an awesome pattern that is free. Check out Jessica’s pattern here. I’m Cabbage Patch Hat 2
I didn’t do the bangs as wide across the front, and next time I would do the pigtails a little longer.

Again this is a really quick project. I think it took a couple hours while I was watching TV – my favorite length of a project, done in a night or two. 🙂

I also love the contract by doing the hair a different colour then the hat. Too bad my niece is too old for hats like this, because I’m pretty sure she would have a zillion of them.

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Baby Booties 2

HDC bootiesIn the Baby Booties post, I showed 1 option of the baby booties I made. Here is another option, very similar, but with different stitching. Again, I started with the pattern from Repeat Crafter (see here). This time, I followed the pattern until Row 3.

At end of row 3, join and chain 2.

Row 4: In back loops only, HDC in each stitch. Join and chain 2.
Row 5: HDC in 12 Stitches, (HDC dec, HDC)x4, HDC in 12 stitches. Join CH2
Row 6: HDC in 10 stitches, HDC dec x2, DC dec x4,  HDC dec x2, HDC in remaining stitches. join and CH 2
Row 7: HDC in 9 st, HDC dec x2, HDC in 2 St, HDC dec x2, HDC in remaining stitches. Join. Cut yarn and wrap in.

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Baby Booties

BootiesI don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone I know is having babies. Off the top of my head, I can name 24 people who are having babies or had babies since December. It is absolutely insane the amount of babies being born.

I decided to make a couple things for a few of the babies close to me – family, coworkers, close friends. I will try and post the different inspirations and patterns used for the items.

IMG_00000329The baby booties I made for one little guy, the pattern came from Repeat Crafter’s Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties Pattern. I followed the pattern until row 10, but didn’t want boot booties, but more slippers.

Row 11: SC 8 (HDC dec) x 4 sc to the end

Cut and tie off.

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Baby hat with flower

imageI was asked by a coworker to make a hat for her neice’s baby girl. The hat needed to cover the ears, because it may be May, but that wind can be brutal. After googling some options, I came across a crochet baby turban pattern, and it was ADORABLE! Thank fully there was a tutorial, so I didn’t have to try and figure it out on my own. Find the pattern from this momma makes stuff here.

Because the pattern is for a really small baby, and the baby I am making this for is almost 1 year, I adjusted the size by increasing the hook size to 5.50 and adding two extra DC to the initial row. It worked so well and is adorable!


As per the mom’s request, I added a flower to the front. This was actually a really small flower (made with a super tiny hook) placed in the centre of a larger flower (made with a 5.50 hook).

I love how this hat turned out, so I am making another one for the same coworkers daughter. This time in purple. I will post how it turns out.

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Card Wallet

imageWhen I made my cell phone wallet, I had room for a few cards and bills. But because I’m a girl, and I love discount and points cards, I have a LOT of cards and needed a card wallet.
So I Googled some inspiration and found a couple options I liked. See here.
I used a H/5.00mm hook and chained 19 stitches. SC into second chain from hook, I SC across. After 6 rows of sc, I did a row of 1hdc 1ch across. imageThis pattern repeated 4 times and finished with 6 rows of sc.
I lined the interior and attached clips. Then I chained 14 and did 5 rows of hdc.
Let me know what you think.



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Colourful Pillow

PillowI have been on a serious mission to use up ends of old balls of yarn, mainly because I have a ridiculous amount of yarn (what yarn crafter doesn’t?). So, using the flat circle pattern from Attic24, I made 2 giant circles out of three yarn circles. I wasn’t sure what they were going to be come, I had originally thought of an owl pillow, but I’m not really an owl person. I lost interest in finishing it for a while, so when I forced myself to complete a bunch of projects before starting something new.

When I finished the circles, I was concerned about the stuffing coming out the middle or large holes, so I sewed together a liner and stuffed it full of fluff. I then secured that between the two circles and sewed them together.

I think it adds a little bit of colour to a dreary or boring room. I am tempted to make a second, but that would take time and commitment that I’m not ready to give to this project again… maybe one day when I’m out of ideas and people stop pinning cool ideas to try.

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