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Fall 2014 Projects

So it feels like it has been forever since I’ve blogged. Life has been super hectic this fall, but I’ve been able to get a bit of work done.

I saw a decorated canvas necklace holder on pinterest (see link here), and thought it would be pretty cool to paint one. It was super easy and didn’t take a whole lot of time to do. Then I screwed in hooks from Walmart. I found larger ones for the second one so I could use it for head bands.

.canvasnecklace hangerheadband holder

My sister-in-law had asked me to make the crocodile booties (found here) for my future nephew. The second set of booties were my first attempt, but I couldn’t figure out the stitch, so they became folded booties. A good crocodile stitch pattern is available here.

crocodile booties folded booties

My sister-in-law also requested some boot cuffs, so I got to be creative. The crocodile ones were made to totally match baby’s booties. The second pair were a v-stitch top, and ended up not being very stretchy. Here is the pattern I used to do the bottom, I then changed up the top part.

crocodile cuffsboot cuffs

I cleaned up my pinterest not too long ago, and seems like I got rid of the pin with the pattern for this hat. Isn’t it adorable? It is a pretty easy newsboy hat. The band on the front could be longer, but it is still adorable.

Newsboy cap

The volleyball snuggly is for nephew to be. His parents play beach volleyball all summer and he will likely be spending a lot of time at their games. I thought he needed a volleyball of his own. The pattern for the ball is here. The blanket is just a granny square, with a sc,hdc, dc, dc, hdc, sc edging. Super easy and fun.

volleyball snuggly

This is another one I’ve lost the pattern for. It is also for nephew to be. My mom used to make us ninja turtle pizza when we were little. (It is a pb and jam pizza on a homemade crust, and I’m so glad my niece and nephew like it because it gives mom and excuse to make it and us an excuse to eat it). So I figured her grandson needed a ninja turtle diaper cover and hat. For the hat, this is the pattern I used for the ties, but the hat pattern looks pretty great too – I think I might try it next time.

ninja turtle diaper cover Ninja turtle hat

This is another diaper cover. I decided to make after going to a craft sale and seeing all the tutus. I made a simple crochet diaper cover then tied in sections of tulle to it.

tutu diaper cover

This buttoned hat started as a headband (pattern here), then I decided it wasn’t complete and continued the pattern all the way into a hat.

sparkly button hat

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Crochet Bracelet

I was googling some options a couple weeks ago and found this. I knew it was something that would look great with my sequined yarn. It was super easy. Simply chaining a couple lengths in different colours. Create a button hole – which next time, I think I would connect on both ends of the hole instead of creating a loop. Then attach a button. It takes no time at all and I definitely rocked it when I went out a couple weeks ago.
String Bracelet

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Pearls and Crochet

I love Imagethe look of the folded pearl necklaces with ribbon ends (see an example here. However, I have no idea how to work with ribbon. Making yarn ends is definitely a possibility though. And, when I was looking up ideas, I found great bracelet ideas (see here).

I went to Walmart to find pearls and came out with a strand of small pearls, a kit of coloured pearls, and clasps.Image

When I got home, I came up with an idea on how to string the beads and connect the chain. For the bracelet, I wanted a thick single chain to wrap around the wrist a few times. The coloured pearls had a grey blue option that I think worked great with the teal and grey sequined yarn I have. 




For the necklace, I wanted thinner, multiple chains for the yarn and a longer section of two pearl strands.Image The off-white colouring is something I love.

The simple easy to use clasp is a great option for both pieces. On the necklace, it makes it heavier, so it doesn’t rest easily at the back. Instead it rests nicely at the side.

Let me know what you think.

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