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Superwide Headband

I think I’m like most girls who somedays feel the need to have the hair on the top of my head and not deal with it. Unfortunately, since I cut my hair, it doesn’t like to be pulled up on the top of my head as much. I decided to utilize my knitting skills and create a mix between a head band and head sleeve. Using a larger needle – I think an 8.0mm, I cast on 30 stitches. Row 1, I purled 2 and then did a herringbone stitch (see here). I had to adapt the instructions, as I wasn’t working in a circle. I did the herringbone stitch to the last two and purled to end. Row 2 was knit 2, herringbone across, knit last 2. I repeated these two rows 6 times, then did 12 rows of knitting. I repeated this 2x and finished with a couple rows of the herringbone stitch. I stitched the ends together and am good to go..

I would make a couple changes to it, including making it more narrow near the end, but it does its job and i can hide my mess of hair when I’m too lazy to style it or haven’t washed it in a few days. 🙂

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Dabbling in arm knitting

arm knit blanketOn pinterest, I saw a few pins showing arm knitting. This intrigued me, so I thought I would give it a try.

I made a nice throw blanket. It is a little holey, but cute. Plus it only took 3balls of yarn and less then an hour to make.

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Hooded Cowl

IMG_00000455 This is a project a friend asked me to do after seeing the Burton Bear Hooded IMG_00000666Cowl by

The Velvet Acorn. Check out her Etsy site. She has really cool patterns and ideas. Since this is based a lot on her pattern, which is for sale on her etsy site, I’m not going to go into detail on how I made it.

This is great for the fall nights, and I know my friend wanted it for her niece around the fire on cooler evenings. It will keep the little girls ears warm and head covered without a lot of excess bulk.

When I did mine, I goofed and made it too short, so I had to make an extension, which I think looks good, but I need to remember to had about 4 extra inches next time I make it. So, I warn you to make sure you measure well before starting and while knitting. It was a relatively quick knit once I figured out how I was going to do it.  I’ve also found it does like to roll up at the bottom. Boo! I think it is the method I used to cast on, so I will def look at different options for the next one I make.


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WIP… Blanket?

WIP 1I started this project yesterday while my sister, niece and I were watching Sound of Music and Oklahoma!. I wasWIP 2 thinking of making a throw blanket, but I’m not 100% sure that is what it is going to be just yet. I know eventually it will contain panels of different colours, maybe 2 or three more. It will probably take me a while to complete, but that is OK. I’m sure it will eventually turn out awesome.

I’ll post updates as progress is made.

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Knitting Needle Case

It always surprises me what posts are popular. One of my most popular posts was the Crochet Hook Case, not expected, but awesome. So, I thought I would share my knitting needle case too. After some time with my friend Google Images, I found a couple options I liked (see one and two). I also saw this case that had a cabled bands to hold the long hooks. LOVED it.
After seeing all of these options, I knew what I wanted:
SAM_30741. All in one case
2. Cabled band at top for long straight needles
3. Lots of pockets
4. Ability to roll caseSAM_3075
5. Edging like Crochet Case
6. Fabrics to match Crochet Case

I measured and cut the pieces to the sizes needed. Then I secured the middle pocket to the big pocket. Next securing the top part of the middle pocket. The front pocket was added. The front and middle pocket had dividers, with half of the middle pocket lining up with the front pocket. That made the sewing a little easier, as I sewed those pockets at the same time. I then attached all three pockets to the interior fabric. Next, I attached the outer fabric to the already assembled project.
SAM_3076Once that was assembled, I once again followed weeks 3 & 4 (without the chocolate) of the You Go Girl instructions to do the crochet edging. Because I planned to secure it with a button, I needed to make a button hole. By Slip Stitching into each stitch of the edging. when I was on the side edge, and at the middle shell, I chained four instead of slip stitching into this shell. I then slip stitched into the sc stitch and continued SlSt around the case. I also wanted a button at the top, hoping it would prevent the needles from falling out.
And again I forgot to attach the buttons to the case before assembling it all.

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Cell Phone Wallets

I got a new phone this week – the new Blackberry Z10. It is twice the size of my last tiny Blackberry Curve. I desperately needed a case for it, especially since I hate carrying a purse and usually keep my phone in my pocket or bra – yup, I’m that girl.  Since I had plans for the day after I got my phone, I needed a quick and easy case that could be done in a couple hours.Image

I found a style that I liked – I can’t find the picture though. *Sad Face*. It was a purled body with crochet accents. Unfortunately, that would take longer. I decided to make a crochet body with a knit pocket and it had a button to keep everything inside.

This case worked great for the need, but I am slightly OCD when it comes to it and the button was off centre, so as much as I liked it, it wasn’t going to last too long.Image

So I sat down and figured out how I wanted it to look. Like I said earlier, I liked the purled case look with crochet accents.  I decided to keep the pocket and instead of a chain for the button, secure it with a button hole. I also wanted to to add a wrist strap – making it much easier to hold onto.


ImageI liked the idea of my phone and necessary cards being able to fit in my hand. Plus it is a bit of protection then my phone on its own. And I think it is cute.

I also made one for a friend. It has a side pocket instead of top. It looks pretty awesome too. *Happy face* Her phone is a bold 9900, so I had to do some size modifications, but it was easy enough.

ImageTo make one is super ease, simply pick a couple colours. This is a great way to use up extra yarn, as it doesn’t take a lot to make. Pick out needle and hook sizes – depends on what your looking for. Decide if you want a top or side pocket. Cast on enough stitches to cover the side of the phone you want to be the bottom. Knit the body of the case so that it will wrap around your phone, then start to decrease 1 st on each end. When the flap reaches where you want the button hole, cast off the middle stitches and then cast them on in the next row. For the pocket, chain until it is wide enough to cover your cards – mine was 13 for the top pocket and 19 for the side pocket. I then single stitched until it covered the cards.

The edges were sewed up, and the pocket and button attached. I then chained the strap so it was long enough to fit over my hand but not be loose. I then Single stitched around the entire chain – both sides, and secured to the case. Let me know what you think.

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Cozy Cups

I met a lovely older lady at Walmart today, in the yarn aisle. She was looking at the giant skeins of Handicraft cotton wool because she uses it to make dish cloths when she watches TV. She has to keep her hands busy, so she makes them to give away. She picked a lovely cranberry/green skein for this batch of dish cloths. It will definitely make for lovely gifts for her friends and family.

A project I like to do while watching TV, because I also can’t keep my hands still, is cup cozies.

Tea Cup Cozies

I absolutely love cup cozies. I’ve been making them for a couple years now and always seem to misplace them. They end up almost permanently attached to my travel mugs or live in my car or left at work or gone to where missing items live. They also are great gifts.

One of my favorite things about cup cozies is that they can look like anything. You can see a few of the different designs I’ve done – some from patterns, some adapted from patterns, some made up. Because I’ve used so many different locations for inspiration, it would be boring for you to just read links. You can find my inspirations on my cup cozies pinterest board here.

Fun Cabling - Brown

Fun Cabling - Green

Cup cozies are an easy project that depending on the pattern can be done in an afternoon or during a movie for those who like to keep their hands busy.

This penguin was inspired by the sock monkey cup cozy, but I KNEW a penguin would be the perfect creature for my friend – it was a birthday present and fits beer bottles and red solo cups as well as coffee cups

Mug Cozy

I will try and keep my pinterest board up to date with pins I find.

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Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf 1
My sister-in-law asked for a grey circle scarf for Christmas. I had seen some lovely yarn at Zellers and when she asked for the scarf, I knew that was the yarn needed. It had sequins in it and was very her. I spent some time googling patterns for circle scarfs and came across this beautiful infinity scarf at A Crafty House’s blog. Find the original pattern here.

I wanted to be able to customize the length of the scarf, so instead of knitting in a circle, I knit the short rows.

Infinity Scarf Folded

My Pattern:
With 10mm needles, CO 25 stitches.
Row 1: knit
Row 2: P1{K1P1 repeat until end of row}
Repeat these rows until the scarf is the appropriate length – in my case, until it was my height.
Sew ends together and enjoy!


This is super easy and not very time consuming. I think it took me 6 hours to get one 5’7″ long. Also, the pattern is neat.

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